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private sector companies interested in B2Bs with the Indian companies

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private sector companies interested in B2Bs with the Indian companies

During the last several weeks, the Coronavirus outbreak has developed into a global pandemic. Countries and companies across the world are compelled to consider different business and revenue models to overcome the economic difficulties faced in these testing times.


In this context, a proactive approach has been undertaken by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to facilitate and promote partnerships between business entities of India and Central and Eastern European (CEE) by using CII’s existing virtual business platform at this time to:

  1.  Organize virtual meetings with Indian companies for CEE companies looking to export / import specific products, especially those that are usually sourced from elsewhere and which are facing supply chain disruptions.
  2.  Organize webinars to share information and expertise on a variety of business issues emerging from the current crisis as also for individual company marketing purposes.


Apart from the virtual business platform, CII is working towards collating the details of state-owned assets in the CEE region for sale which are eligible for purchase by Indian private sector companies and investors. These details will be further disseminated to our wider membership-based industry network with an aim to generate interest among them and give them an opportunity to expand their organization’s presence in these countries via purchase of assets through partnerships, joint ventures and other ways.


In this direction, you are requested to kindly share the details, if any, on the following:

  • Let us know about the private sector companies interested in B2Bs with the Indian companies as well as conducting webinars.
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commercial [dot] stockholm [at] mea [dot] gov [dot] in
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Thursday, 25 June, 2020