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Request for Participation for the Purchase, Delivery and installation of a modular extendable sandwich Panel, Negative-Pressure Field Hospital.

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The Ministry of Health is looking for offers inclusive of purchase, delivery and installation of a modular extendable Sandwich Panel Negative-Pressure Field Hospital fully equipped and capable to cater for 90+ patients and staff.

1. INTRODUCTION The Ministry of Health is looking for offers inclusive of purchase, delivery and installation of a modular extendable Sandwich Panel Negative-Pressure Field Hospital fully equipped and capable to cater for 90+ patients and staff.

2. Terms of Reference The said unit should have all the following facilities : • 1 Triange Area • 1 Emergency Room Clinic Unit • 2 Inpatient High Dependency Ward Unit equipped with a minimum of 24 beds, 24 patient monitors and 12 ventilators. ( One Ventilator per 2 beds ) • 6 Intensive Care Unit equipped with 60 beds, 60 patient monitors and 45 ventilators. • 1 Doctor’s Room Unit • 1 Medical Staff Room Unit • 1 X Ray Room • 1 Central Sterilization Room • 1 Pharmacy Unit • 1 Storage Room • 6 Field Latrine – Ablution • 1 Laboratory Unit • 1 Mortuary Unit • 1 Kitchen capable of supporting 120 medical staff • 1 Dining Hall Unit • 2 Generators. Each Generator capable of supporting all Hospital Operations and one as redundancy. • 1 Laundry Unit equipped with 2 x 20Kg Industrial Washing Machines and 2 x 20Kg Tumble Dryers • 1 Dishwashing Unit • 1 Technical Support Unit • 1 ICT Unit Page 2 of 5 • 1 Oxygen Filling Station Unit • 1 Water Tank Unit • 1 Cold Storage Unit • The Hospital must be fully Air Conditions and equipped with Hepa Filters (Class 5) Ventilators must be manufactured within the European Union and proof of availability must be presented with this offer.

3. SELECTION CRITERIA Submit list of principle services of a similar nature and magnitude being Pre Fabricated Hospitals effected during the last 3 years. Experience should not be less than 3 years. Sub Contracting Provide data concerning subcontractors and the percentage of works to be subcontracted. It is being understood that if the information being requested regarding subcontracting is not submitted, it will be assumed that no sub-contracting will take place (0% subcontracting).

4. AWARD CRITERIA The sole award criterion will be the price. The contract will be awarded to the tenderer submitting the cheapest priced offer satisfying the administrative and technical criteria.

5. LITERATURE Bidders are to submit all literature for all equipment being supplied with the installation procedure, certifications and quality manuals.

6. PERFORMANCE GUARANTEE The Contractor shall, within 15 calendar days of receipt of the contract, sign and date the contract and return it together with a copy of the Performance Guarantee. The Contractor is further obliged to forward the original performance guarantee to the Contracting Authority. The Contract will not be endorsed by the Contracting Authority/Central Government Authority until the performance guarantee is submitted. The amount of the guarantee shall be 4% where the amount of the total contract value is between €10,000 and €500,000 ex VAT, and 10% where the amount of the total contract value is €500,000 or above. Economic Operators have the possibility to provide the Contracting Authority with a Single Bond covering the performance guarantees for all the contracts with the same Contracting Authority. If an additional contract is awarded to a given contractor, which results in an economic operator’s current cumulative contracts value to go beyond the contract value range currently covered by the Single Bond, the contractor Page 3 of 5 is to be requested to; either submit a separate Performance Guarantee for the additional contract; or else submit a new Single Bond to cover the new total contracts value or submit an amendment to the original Single Bond specifying the new amount. If an Economic Operator chooses to make use of the Single Bond, he must submit a letter from the respective Contracting Authority specifying that the amount of the Single Bond covers the new Contract, otherwise the new Contract Agreement would not be signed.

7. CONDITIONS FOR PARTICIPATION Participants in this must observe the following conditions: a) Submissions are to be made strictly in accordance with this document. b) Additional material, brochures or promotional material may be submitted together with the information requested therein. c) All information requested in this document must be provided. If any section is not deemed to be applicable the bidder shall indicate it accordingly, without prejudice to the right of the Contracting Authority to disqualify bidders that do not provide the required information. d) The submitted proposal is to be signed by the candidate‟s authorised signatory with evidence of such authorisation. e) In the case where the bidder is a „consortium‟ the information requested herein must be provided for each company forming part of the „consortium‟. f) The proposal must be drawn up in English. g) Any correspondence, including the actual proposal must always include the reference number indicated on the front page of this document. h) The Contracting Aurthority may invite interested parties to supplement or clarify the documents they submit.

8. EVALUATION OF PROPOSALS Following the closing date, the Evaluation Committee shall evaluate the received proposals against the criteria, specifications and conditions set out in this Request for Participation. If, in the opinion of the Evaluation Committee, a proposal is unclear in any respect, the Evaluation Committee may, in its discretion, seek clarification from the proponent. Failure to supply clarification to the satisfaction of the Evaluation Committee shall render the proposal liable to disqualification. Page 4 of 5 Being short-listed does not give rise to a contract or any obligation between the Contracting Authority and the proponent. No legal relationship shall exist between the Contracting Authority and a proponent until such time as a binding contract is entered by them. The Contracting Authority shall, without limiting other options available to it, invite short-listed proponents to enter into pre-contractual negotiations, which may or may not lead to a final, binding contract. The Contracting Authority reserves the right not to proceed further with the whole RFP process.

9. DISCLAIMERS a. Information in this document is for the reference of interested parties only. This document does not constitute a warranty, statement or representation, expressed, implied or imputed by the Contracting Authority as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of the facts contained therein. b. The Contracting Authority does not accept liability to any interested party in respect of damages, costs or claims caused by the use of or reliance on the information contained in this document. c. No information in this document or in the replies to clarifications should be relied upon by interested parties as a representation, statement or warranty as to the intentions, policy or action of the Contracting Authority in the future. Such information is to be utilized by interested parties to set up their own judgment independently. d. The submission of a proposal shall be considered as an acceptance by the proponent of the terms and conditions outlined in this document. e. The Contracting Authority reserves the right to reject at its sole and absolute discretion, any or all of the submitted proposals, and is not bound to give reasons for rejection. f. Each proponent shall be solely responsible for the fees, costs and expenses incurred in participating in the present process, and the Contracting Authority will under no circumstances be liable for any such fee, costs, expenses, reimbursements, loss or damage whatsoever arising out of or in connection with the proposal process. g. The Contracting Authority reserves the right to change, alter, amend, vary all and any information, terms and conditions of this present document and this without incurring any form of liability whatsoever from any third party that may have forwarded a proposal in the present process or any interested party. Page 5 of 5

10. CONTRACT The successful bidder, hereinafter, will be required to enter into a contract for the supply, delivery and installation of a modular, extendable sandwich Panel Negative-Pressure Field Hospital within a period of 8 weeks from confirmation of order. The Contract shall include all the conditions enlisted in this document.

11. CONSEQUENCES OF DELAY A penalty of €50,000 per day will be incurred for late in commencement and for every day, or part thereof, elapsing between the period of execution and the actual end of the period of execution.

12. PAYMENT TERMS 50% on order 25% on delivery 25% upon completion

13. PRE FINANCING GUARANTEE A pre-financing guarantee of 50% of the contract value is to be submitted upon the signing of the contract.

14. REQUEST FOR CLARIFICATIONS Clarifications can be sought by not later than noon of Tuesday 24th March 2020.. Any queries and requests for clarifications are to be sought through info [dot] cpsu xatto gov [dot] mt. Queries submitted through other emails will not be considered. All clarifications will be posted by the Contracting Authority within a reasonable time and will be made available to all interested bidders.

15. SUBMISSIONS Requests for Participation should ONLY be submitted through negotiation [dot] cpsu xatto gov [dot] mt by not later than 10:00 noon on Thursday 26 th March 2020. Submissions submitted through other emails will not be considered. Any Requests for Participation submitted after this date and time and/or through other means will be automatically rejected.

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negotiation [dot] cpsu [at] gov [dot] mt
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Tuesday, 23 June, 2020